Monday, June 1, 2009

'You will not see me dancing in weddings and events' - Baichung Bhutia

Baichung Bhutia created history by winning Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Here is the footballer turned dancer talking about his journey...

The young man from Sikkim, India's most successful football captain Baichung Bhutia created history by winning Sony's dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Pitted against one of the toughest dancers Hard Kaur and Gauhar Khan, Baichung managed to out beat them with his sheer determination to excel.

Here is an exclusive chit-chat with the winner, Baichung Bhutia…

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its Time To Dance With Hussain, Prachi and Mona In Jhalak 3 Finale

Hussain and the winners of the first two seasons, Mona Singh and Prachi Desai will be seen grooving in the Finale of Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa..

As we already know, the footballer cum dancer Baichung Bhutia has been declared Winner of Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3.

However, there are some big names gracing the ocassion on the big nite of the Finale of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

According to our source, "The heart throb of girls, Hussain Kuwajerwala will be seen performing in the Grand Finale. Mona Singh and Prachi Desai who happen to be the winners of the first two seasons of Jhalak will also be grooving on the day. The celebrity judges who will be present during the Finale are Mallika Sherawat and Malaika Arora Khan".

Shweta Tiwari in Seeta Aur Geeta

The gorgeous Shweta will be seen in an episodic on NDTV Imagine's Seeta Aur Geeta..

The gorgeous Shweta Tiwari will be seen in an episodic in NDTV Imagine's Seeta Aur Geeta, produced by Bohra Brothers.

The actress will be seen in the third episode on May 26th which will also mark the entry of the protagonist Raka aka Garv Dixit.

The young lad always dreams of a particular girl, and Shweta happens to be exactly like the girl of his dreams. We talked to Garv Dixit who plays Raka in the show and he states, "Shweta plays a girl who seeks for help, and I make my entry in typical hero style and save her. She is being attacked by a mob of gundas, and cries for help. I end up bashing all the guys and saving her. She thanks me for everything and I fall for her. But the climax is that she ends up saying, 'Hum jaise behnon ko tumare jaise bhai ki zaroorat hai', and I have a heart break (smiles)".

We called up Producer Sunil Bohra who confirmed Shweta's presence in the show and said, "This scene will mark the entry of Raka, and it was great to have Shweta in our show".

We tried calling Shweta Tiwari, but she remained unavailable for comments.

Tune in to watch the 'Dream Girl' Shweta in action on May 26th on NDTV Imagine's Seeta Aur Geeta..

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baichung Bhutia, The Winner Of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Seasion 3

The footballer turned dancer, Baichung Bhutia and his choreo Sonia emerged triumphant in The Finale of Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

Indian football captain, Baichung Bhutia and his choreographer Sonia have lifted Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 trophy. The lanky Sikkimese dude who initially had hiccups in getting his emotions right on stage beat the talented dancer Gauhar Khan and the crowd favorite Karan Singh Grover, in the finale which was recorded late last night and went on to become the First Male Winner of Jhalak!!

The Grand Finale will be telecasted next Sunday night. "Most finals are usually telecast deferred live, but this had to be delayed because tonight's IPL Finale was being aired live on the sister network of Sony", says a source.

Coming to yesterday's finale, Savio Barnes, choreographer of Hard Kaur told us, "The audiences SMS vote overturned the judges' markings which had favored Gauhar. They selected the second best Baichung as their winner and kept Karan Singh as the third finalist, just like the teen deviyaan".

"There was no face off round between the top two and the audience vote selected Baichung", confirms our source from the sets. Our khabru went on to state that when the top two names were announced, everybody was surprised because it was expected that Karan will get most votes.

Although Savio admitted that Gauhar was a better dancer, he felt "Baichung deserved to win as he had showed remarkable growth and had reached this stage from being a complete non-dancer. Gauhar on the other hand is a good dancer, and she had trained with me too in the past".

On Karan our source says, "There was no growth; he remained where he was right from round one".

Savio who was quite depressed at losing out in the semi finals felt much better when the channel and the jury gave him and Hard Kaur, the Best Dancers' trophy, a replica of the winning trophy, after telling them that this was not out of sympathy, but because they deserved it.

Well, the moment of truth is that the Jhalak trophy belongs to Baichung!! Three cheers to the guy...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Finale Episode Video (22nd May, 2009)

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-1

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-2

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-3

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-4

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-5

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-6

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-7

Friday, 22nd May, 2009-Part-8

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tie between Gauhar and Baichung

Gauhar and Baichung remain inseparable this week in terms of points, courtesy their fabulous performances..

The pre-finale tension is mounting on Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa as Gauhar Khan and Baichung Bhutia are trying hard to out beat the other on the dance floor!!

3ccording to our source, "Both Baichung and Gauhar gave their best performance this week, and the judges found it difficult to rate them. The level of competition amongst both is so high that they could not be separated even in points, as they ended up a tie".

Elaborating on the performance of Gauhar our informer adds, "She was perfect and her attitude portrayed that she deserved to win. Her Kisna act was very much appreciated by the judges. She was dressed in the attire of Krishna and gave a powerful performance and fetched good marks".

Baichung was equally good. "Baichung and Sonia performed on the rumba act and it was a nice sight to watch. The dance involved risk as they jigged on top of two tables and a chair which they used as props. Sonia was fabulous as she jumped from one place to another,", chirps the little birdie.

Prabhu Deva too liked both their performances. "He was amazed to see Baichung dancing and grooving with Sonia", concludes the source.

The countdown has now begun to crown the Dancing Sensation in the Third Season of Jhalak.. May the best win..

Now I know that the better dancer never wins :- Hard Kaur

Last week Hard Kaur was shockingly eliminated from Jhalak... This came as a shock not just to the viewers but for Hard Kaur as well. A versatile dancer Hard Kaur had proved her mettle on the show. A disappointed Hard Kaur opens up to Tellychakkar as she talks about her experiences at her maiden reality show.

How painful was your elimination?

It was really painful for me but more than that it was more agonising for my mother who had specially come down from London to see me perform. You know before the show began she had told me that you will face a lot of problems with voting as you are not a famous celebrity on television. I decided that I would not indulge in any drama to be famous on television but will remain what I am in real life. I think that’s where I was wrong.

Are you disappointed with the Indian audience as they have opted for popularity over talent?

No, I think the Indian television audience has really changed. For the first time in Jhalak… it happened that the judges stood by a contestant and refused to judge until the right decision comes.

Which have been your best and worst moments in Jhalak..... ?

My best moment was when Saroj Ji complimented me and said that Aap jaise kalakaar mushkil se paida hote hain. (Artists like you aren’t born everyday) My worst moment was when Shilpa Shukla got eliminated; she was a very good dancer. I was expecting Shilpa, Gauhar and myself to be in the finals.

Who do you think never deserved to be in Jhalak….?

I think the show is all about making a non-dancer into a good dancer, so all current contestants are justified.

Were things really not well between you and Gauhar or was the drama created for TRPs?

No everything is absolute fine between both of us. But my only problem was that they copied some of our lifts. When we don’t repeat our lifts when we perform how can you expect any other person to repeat that? And also there were some people who used to bitch about me to Gauhar and vice versa.

Who do you think should win the competition?

Gauhar, because amongst the finalists Gauhar is the best dancer.

How much of Jhalak…. is scripted and how much is reality?

Not Jhalak… only but all of the reality shows are Unreal reality. Most of the parts have been edited and thus people are misguided. The channel wants both the popular and the best performer to be in your show but when it comes to choosing between the two then the best performer is left out. Now I know that the better dancer never wins and you can see this in the previous seasons of Jhalak….. too.


Low Marks v/s High Votes

Karan and Nicole find themselves at the bottom this week too in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa..

Karan Singh Grover has been one contestant who is strongly placed when it comes to junta votes on Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Even though the popular actor has been getting some rough treatment from the Teen Deviyaan courtesy his mediocre performances, his fans have always bailed him out, so much so that he has never had to be in the Dance-Off..

This week was not different at all, as Karan and Nicole ended up being the lowest scorers yet again!! "All three finalists had to perform on three different dances. The first performance was a solo, second was with the choreographer and third was a common song from Kisna. In this Karan was the lowest and managed to get 93 points out of 120 from judges", says the source.

Elaborating on the first performance our khabroo adds, "Karan performed on the song Jaan Main Dum… and he fared decently well, but the judges felt that the music was fast and Karan was trying hard to catch on with the pace of the song".

"Secondly he performed on the song O Maria from the film Josh, and he got good comments for this particular act. The judges appreciated his dance and also said that he had the perfect attitude required for the number. Saroj stated that she is fida on his performance, while Vaibhavi commented that his postures and expressions were very nice", adds the informer.

Lastly he performed on the common song Kisna Hai… from the movie Kisna. "This was his weakest performance as per the judges. Vaibhavi quipped that there was no synchronization. The judges felt that he kept losing his steps even though he managed to complete the whole act. Saroj said that Karan is like a small kid who keeps forgetting his steps", chirps the little birdie.

Prabhu Deva was the celebrity guest on the panel of judges this week. "He gave him decent marks. Basically he was not harsh on any of the participants", concludes the source.

For Karan, the battle now is to show his prowess on the dance floor and please his fans even further!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Dance With Prabhudeva !!!

The actor will be seen as the celebrity guest this Friday in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa..

The ace actor and famous dancer of the film industry Prabhudeva is all set to groove on the stage of Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa this coming weekend. He will be seen as a celebrity guest on the show and will be performing too. The actor was last seen in Zee's Dance India Dance.

Prabhudeva had a wish to dance with choreographer Saroj Khan. "He came and danced his heart out on the Jhalak floor. When he expressed his desire to Saroj ji, she was more than welcome to share the floor with him, and they literally set the stage on fire", states our source.

Alongside he enjoyed all the performances of the finalists. "Though everyone could sense the absence of Hard Kaur, Karan, Baichung and Gauhar gave their best performances."

"Prabhu was eagerly waiting to see the performance of the footballer and after watching it, he was thrilled that a sport person can do so well," concludes the source.

The Grand Finale of the show which was earlier to be on 23rd May has now been postponed to 31st May.

Well, as we wait for the Finale with bathed breath, the stage belongs to Prabhudeva this weekend...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finalists Of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Seasion 3

Viewers are in for a shock this week as Jhalak loses one of the most consistent performers... Check out the Finalists here...

Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa gets its finalists in Karan Singh Grover – Nicole, Gauhar Khan – Himanshu and Baichung Bhutia – Sonia, with one of the top favorites Hard Kaur and her partner Savio bowing out this week..

According to our source, "The result came as a shock to everyone, and it was very unfortunate that the show lost a consistent performer in Hard Kaur. The dance-off this week was between Gauhar and Hard Kaur".

Hard Kaur who had her first experience of dance-off round probably could not live up to the expectations of all. "She appeared nervous and could not give her cent percent to her performance. The judges also felt that her performance was not powerful enough for her to stay back", says our source.

On the other hand, Gauhar who has had her good as well as bad times in dance-off was the better performer on the day. "She was confident and that showed in her act. The judges were not happy to see the rapper going out; they even asked the production house to bring her back, or else they would go on a strike. Later, they had to be convinced that the format of the show could not be changed", states our source.

Hard Kaur and Savio gave their best performance before leaving the stage, on the number they had prepared for the Finale. "The duo performed on the song from Om Shanti Om, 'Jag Suna Suna Lage' and got a huge ovation", concludes our khabroo.

It was a great day for the footballer turned dancer Baichung Bhutia as he got the highest votes this week..

The battle lines are drawn now as the Grand Finale will be between the trio Karan Singh Grover, Gauhar and Baichung… May the best win!!

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Semifinal Elimination Episode Video (16th May, 2009)

Saturday, 16th May, 2009-Part-1

Saturday, 16th May, 2009-Part-2

Saturday, 16th May, 2009-Part-3

Saturday, 16th May, 2009-Part-4

Saturday, 16th May, 2009-Part-5

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Semifinal Episode Video (15th May, 2009)

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-1

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-2

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-3

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-4

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-5

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-6

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-7

Friday, 15th May, 2009-Part-8

Baichung Bhutia's Tapori Dance

Baichung Bhutia's amazing performances this week puts him in good stead...

Baichung Bhutia, the quiet and shy guy has really come of age in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, and he proved it again this week in the Semi Final round.

The contestants had to perform on two acts this week, and Baichung walked away with all praise for his performances..

According to our source, "For the Tapori act, Baichung chose the number 'Dekha Jo Tuje Yaar' and did a marvelous job. In this round, the choreographer had to be used as a mere prop with no support coming from them for the act. And it was amazing to see the footballer dance the way he did. The judges were forced to say that 'Tapori jhaag gaya' as they showered him with 29 points".

"The second act had the theme of following the fast forward, rewind, pause and stop while dancing. Baichung danced on 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi', but forgot few steps to begin with. But after that he managed to pick up and danced very well. The judges who had earlier complained that Karan danced very less when compared to Nicole in this round were happy and convinced with Baichuung's towering performance. This act gave him 27 points, taking his total tally to 56", adds our source.

Well, Baichung has nothing to lose as he has found a big support and well wisher in last year's contestant and fellow sportsperson, Mir Ranjan Negi. "Negi cheers for his sporting counterpart so much so that his support is not just lip service. Mrs Negi was showing Madhuri Bhutia the number of votes they have been sending for Baichung!", states our khabroo from the sets.

Well, the other three contestants are sure to get a jolt with Baichung's steady performances.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Karan and Nicole Disappoint Judges Again

Karan Singh Grover and Nicole were the lowest scorers this week in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa's Semi Final episode..

Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa will see the Top Four contestants battling it out in the Semi Final Round this week. Every contestant will be performing on two different acts.

Karan Singh Grover
was the one to score the lowest marks this week. Talking about his first act, our source says, "Karan and Nicole performed on the Tapori theme on the number 'Main Laila Laila', wherein Karan was the patient and Nicole, the nurse. Saroj Khan felt that Karan could not fit in the character of the tapori guy. He was doing it because he was supposed to do it. Vaibhavi said that the effort could be seen, but it was not a phadu performance. The duo got 25 points for the act".

Their second act was on a contemporary dance form where they had to dance accordingly to the rewind, pause, stop, fast forward effects. "The number they danced on was Tere Bin from Bas Ek Pal. The judges were all praise for the concept and style. However, Vaibhavi felt that Karan did very less of dancing, while Nicole was at her best. Juhi also agreed to Vaibhavi, and said that her scores will reflect her mind. The duo managed to get a meager 18 out of 30 for this act, which gave them a grand total of 43 out of 60 for the week", explains our khabroo.

Well, looks like Karan will have to tighten his grip on the dance floor to win this competition from here…

Suresh Menon in Jhalak… this week

The heat is on in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 3 as it has got its top 4 semi-finalists ready for the big competition. To ease the competitive environment comedian Suresh Menon has been invited for the upcoming episode.

Talking of his experience of being on the show Suresh says, “It was a wonderful experience in Jhalak……. I loved the show so much as it is all about making non-dancers to good dancers and I have been the biggest non-dancer in this world. I shook a leg with Vaibhavi but she came to know that it’s impossible to teach me. She said that I was very off-beat.”

“People will enjoy my five avtaars this week in Jhalak…... I mimicked Sachin, Sunny Deol, Himesh, a south Indian hero and a gay. I cannot tell you how much everyone enjoyed it,” an upbeat Suresh informed.

When asked who he wanted as winner of the show? He said, “I want Baichung and Sonia to win because they are very hard working and also Baichung is a sportsman who never danced. So I think it’s more difficult for a sportsman to win this kind of a show. But at the same time I think that Karan may also win because of his good physique and fan following. I like him also.”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Elimination Episode Video (10th May, 2009)

Saturday, 10th May, 2009-Part-1

Saturday, 10th May, 2009-Part-2

Saturday, 10th May, 2009-Part-3

Saturday, 10th May, 2009-Part-4

Saturday, 10th May, 2009-Part-5

Saturday, 10th May, 2009-Part-6

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Shocking Eviction From Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 House

It came to a shock when the elimination was announced. To know who is out, read further…

After elimination of Shilpa Shukla, in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Season 3, the show is ready for another eviction. This time it came to a shock when the Parul Chauhan and Deepak's name was announced.

"Parul and Gaurhar were in the dance off round. Gauhar performed extremely well and got the votes in her favour. Parul was taken back and the poor actress breaks in tears on stage," says our source.

Talking about the comparison our khabroo adds, "The judges said that the steps of Gauhar were difficult but she managed it very nicely. Whereas Parul did some simple steps so comparing to that Gauhar should get a chance to stay back,"

Deepak was also very sad but for Parul. "He said that he could get a trophy for her and that's what is more disappointing for him."

To this Parul replied that, "I am not able to look at Deepak as last year he was a winner and this year he is out of the show," chirps the source.

Jay Bhanushali and Mir ranjan Negi are the celb guest who will be seen chearing the contestant in the show.

Now remains the top 4, Gauhar Khan, Hard Kaur, Karan Singh Grover and Baichung Bhutia. Lets see who will gets the top 3 position in next weeks episode.

Karan Grover's 8th May Dance Performence in Jhalak 3

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Episode Video (8th May, 2009)

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-1

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-2

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-3

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-4

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-5

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-6

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-7

Friday, 8th May, 2009-Part-8

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jhalak of the Top Five!!

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa's Circus theme these week is packed with amazing performances coming from the Top five..


There is no second chance now for Gauhar and Himanshu..

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3 is gearing up for its finale, and giving their best shot are the top five contestants..This week, viewers will see a mix of circus and dance...

Karan Singh Grover with Nicole gave a brilliant performance though he missed a perfect 30 by a whisker. Hard Kaur won the hearts of all and got the perfect score where as Parul and Deepak gave a good performance. As usual Baichung and his partner Sonia were outstanding with the prop that they were given.

Gauhar looked like the typical doll throughout her performance.

Celibrity Watch-Rohit Roy

What is Rohit Roy watching on the small screen?

Which daily soap you watch?
I love to watch Bandini whenever I get time. It has a unique concept and also my brother Ronit Roy plays a key character in it. Apart from that I also like Balika Vadhu,sometimes.

Which is your favourite TV channel?
Actually I like television as a whole, but I like Colors because it has some unique concepts.

Which other channel do you watch frequently?
I like watching NDTV imagine and Sony very often.

Which is your favourite reality show?
None, I think reality shows are the most unreal thing on television.

Which is best comedy show u have enjoyed on Indian television?
I enjoy watching Comedy-Circus. I also used to watch Laughter Challenge. I think that comedy is the best medicine and I enjoy every bit of these shows

War of words between Hard Kaur and Gauhar

Poor Gauhar Khan has a knack for getting herself in to trouble on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3. Earlier, she made news for her tiff with choreographer Hanif. Now Gauhar’s critical comments on colleague Hard Kaur has come back to haunt her.

It so happened that after every performance, every contestant was shown an AV where their fellow competitors spoke of them. So, after Hard Kaur finished with her act, she wasn’t too amused by what Gauhar said about her. Apparently, Gauhar felt that Hard Kaur can’t dance well but she is good with lifts. To this Hard Kaur allegedly remarked that she’s least concerned with what others have to say about her. The rapper is said to have scored full points.

Defending herself, Gauhar says, “I want to clear that I have nothing against Hard Kaur. She’s a nice lady. What surprised me is that while we all had opinions about each other, why did Shweta Tiwari only ask me as to why I made such a remark? Well, my journey has been riddled with controversies. I’ve now learned to live with them.”

We do know that this week on Jhalak…. it’s a circus theme. But we also know that neither contestant was joking!

Fantastic 30 For Fantastic Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur is surely getting better with every passing week in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. This week she managed to get perfect scores from judges..

Hard Kaur is winning the hearts of the audience and junta with her consistent performances in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3. This week was no different, as the rapper got a standing ovation for her fabulous performance.

"She was good and Saroj ji was mesmerized and stated that she felt that she was watching real circus action," says our source.

Hard Kaur got a perfect 30. "After getting full marks and a standing ovation from the judges, Ms. Kaur got emotional. She thanked one and all for the good comments," adds the source.

If this was not enough to impress junta, she appealed for votes in a very unique way. "She took the slogan of the famous ad of (Agar aap voting ke din vote nahin kar rahe hain to aap so rahein hain) and changed it to, "Agar aap humko vote nahin kar rahen hain to aap so rahein hain," chirps the little birdie.

Let's see whether Hard Kaur goes on to stay for long in the competition!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Circus Time on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Seasion 3

This weekend the contestants will woo audience with their circus acts in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa..

It's gonna be a colorful episode in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3. Well, its Circus Theme this week and the contestants put their best foot forward to entertain the audience.

"It was a fun filled episode and had its great moments. All performed exceptionally well and it was tough to judge who was the best", says our khabroo.

Elaborating further on the performances our source adds, "Hard Kaur and Parul were dressed as clowns. The judges too found it difficult to give points and felt that this week's elimination will really be an acid test for junta, as all were good".

Karan Singh Grover was also at his best. "He gave a good performance and pleased the judges. Last but not the least, Baichung did a trapeze act which was outstanding," concludes the source.

Get set for the Circus acts in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa This Friday..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Elimination Episode Video (2nd May, 2009)

Saturday, 2nd May, 2009-Part-1

Saturday, 2nd May, 2009-Part-2

Saturday, 2nd May, 2009-Part-3

Saturday, 2nd may, 2009-Part-4

Saturday, 2nd May, 2009-Part-5

Shilpa Shukla Eliminate From Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 House

Tonight's elimination in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa leaves us with the top five contestants who will battle it out from next week...

After the elimination of Monica Bedi in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3, the show is all set for yet another eviction this week, in which the dance-off Queen Shilpa Shukla and her choreographer Nishant bowed out.

As per our sources, "Shilpa and Parul were in dance off round, and luck favored the latter. Shilpa blacked out during her performance and lost the game."

Elaborating on her performance, "Shilpa started off on a good note and was confident that she would out beat Parul when it comes to performance. However, the poor girl suddenly blacked out while Nishant continued to dance".

"Nishant was upset with the ouster. Vaibhavi said that she expected Shilpa to be in the top three, but today she is out. Saroj also stated that it was a clear decision to select Parul as Shilpa blacked out," chirps the little birdie.

Juhi was very disappointed and said, "If Shilpa would have performed, then it would have been a tie but unfortunately something else happened," concludes the source.

With this elimination, we are left with the Top five in the competition - Karan Singh Grover, Parul Chauhan, Hard Kaur, Gauhar Khan and Baichung Bhutia to fight it out...

Let's see who is shown the door next week.....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Episode Video (1st May, 2009)

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-1

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-2

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-3

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-4

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-5

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-6

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-7

Friday, 1st May, 2009-Part-8

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ali Asgar Steps on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Flour

The actor's Basanti, Raj Kumar and Aamir Khan acts left the judges in splits this week...

In the coming episode of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3, popular television actor Ali Asgar will the center of attraction, as he came, danced and won the hearts of the Teen Deviyaan... With the theme being songs of the 60's, Ali conned the avatars of Rishi Kapoor, Raj Kumar and Aamir Khan.

"Ali Asgar was the special guest who entertained the judges as well as the contestants with his humorous act in the show," says the source.

He brought the house down with his Rishi Kapoor and Aamir Khan acts. "He even did the Basanti act with aplomb. He is the only guest who could entice not just one, but all the judges on the floor to dance with him. His Raaj Kumar act with Saroj Khan was a scream," adds the khabroo.

His gags were outstanding. "The actor showed his funny side and made everyone laugh. With the battle on the dance floor getting tougher, he proved to be the perfect foil for fultoo entertainment on the sets", concludes the source.

Watch out for an exciting episode in the coming week as Ali dances on the tunes of 60's.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Episode Video (25th April, 2009)

Saturday, 25th April, 2009-Part-1

Saturday, 25th April, 2009-Part-2

Saturday, 25th April, 2009-Part-3

Saturday, 25th April, 2009-Part-4

Saturday, 25th April, 2009-Part-5

Shocking Eviction on Jhalak... Monica Out From The Show

Tonight's elimination episode is truly going to be an emotional one, as a talented contestant bows out..

Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa sees a shocking exit tonight, with Monica Bedi and talented choreographer Javed bowing out.

According to our source, "Monica and Shilpa Shukla were there in the face-off, and for the third consecutive time Shilpa got bailed out".

The judges chose Shilpa over Monica. "They said that the energy level of Shilpa was much better today when compared to her last performance. Monica's performance lacked the zeal and this added to her misery", explains our source.

"Javed who was the finalist last year with Sandhya Mridul broke down once the result was announced", tells the little birdie.

The choreo though had a dream come true when Vaibhavi danced with him. "Before leaving the stage, he expressed his desire to dance with the talented master and Vaibhavi readily agreed. It was an emotional episode, and everyone present there felt sad for Javed", concludes our source.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 Episode Video (24th April, 2009)

Friday, 24th April, 2009-Part-1

Friday, 24th April, 2009-Part-2

Friday, 24th April, 2009-Part-3

Friday, 24th April, 2009-Part-4

Friday, 24th April, 2009-Part-5

Friday, 24th April, 2009-Part-6

Sonia's Bitter Past...

Baichung and Sonia gave an emotional performance in Jhalak this week, based on a real life experience in Sonia's life..

Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3 is gaining more steam with the sizzling performances by contestants. This time Baichung Bhutia and Sonia gave a heartwarming performance which made the judges emotional.

Our source form the sets informs that, "The duo performed on the song Tere Pyaar Main Aaise Jiye Hum… from the movie Bas Ek Pal where it's a contemporary dance style. Its was a very emotional performance."

Elaborating more on the dance, it shows where Sonia is raped and Baichung comes to lend her a shoulder to come out of the shock. "Shweta asked Sonia why she chose this and the girl replied that she has been through this. Sonia got very emotional and Vaibhavi too started shedding tears on hearing this", informs our source.

Not many people are aware about the sad incident in Sonia's life. "She was forced by her ex-boyfriend and was totally shattered. But today she has moved on in life with her hubby and kid. One thing is for sure that Sonia has really come out of her trauma and has stood out to be a strong person in her real life," quips the source.

The couple scored a perfect 30 in the episode.

One really needs the strength to come all out on stage with their dark secrets... Hats off to Sonia!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Karan Grover's Disco on Skates Shoes

Karan Singh Grover is all set to woo viewers this week as he roller skates while performing disco in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa..

Karan Singh Grover has wooed the audiences on the dance floor of Jhalak week after week, and this time the young lad decides to skate thro' the hearts of his fans!!

Yes, you guessed it right as Karan performed disco on skates which left the judges wanting for more.

According to our source, "Nicole and Karan danced on the number 'Jawaani Janeman', and the best part of the act was Karan's disco on skates".

However, there were few hiccups for the dashing actor before he could perform. "The shoot of his act was delayed by about 10-15 minutes as they had some problem with the skates. Even with all the interruption, Karan carried the act very well", explains our source from the sets.

Teen Deviyaan gave a total of 27 marks for the act. "Saroj liked it and felt it was a unique concept. Vaibhavi told Karan that he looked a typical stud, and also said that the way he presented himself was fantastic. Juhi commented that he had taken a big risk that eventually came good", adds our source.

Wanna see Karan disco on skates, then tune in to Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa this Friday at 9 PM, only on Sony..

Sonia-Baichung Continue Their Bull Run While Blooding

It seems that Baichung Bhutia and Sonia Jaffer are leaving no stone unturned to make it to the finals of Jhalak…3. The jodi has recently scored thirty out of thirty third time in a row and are confident enough to be in the finals.

Though practicing in Kolkata and that too taking time out of Baichung’s football matches is not an easy job but it doesn’t bother them a bit. The duo has been giving consistently good performances.

When Sonia was asked about her performance, she said, “It was a contemporary form that we performed on. Everyone enjoyed our performance throughout. Saroj ji was so happy that she gave us two hundred bucks and Vaibhavi ji was speechless and started crying. It was a very touchy moment for us. The audience’s support has played a major part in our consistent performances and we hope for the same even further.”

When she was asked that apart from them who she expects to be in the finals? She said, “Yes, the finals are coming and we are trying our level best to be there. But apart from us I expect either Hard Kaur or Karan Singh. Hard Kaur is a very good dancer and she too scored thirty out of thirty with her mixed dance of salsa and Spanish bull dance which makes her a strong contender. Apart from being a good dancer Karan is everyone’s favourite and that could be a reason for him to make his way to finals.”

But Sonia in a competition such as this you never know when your friends become your enemies!

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